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This is a list of all of the bot commands. Note that the '!' is optional on commands given in PM.

  • !opme, !deopme, !kick Adminbot - Allows bot admins to op or de-op themselves, or kick a user.
  • !pickquote - Quotebot Picks a random quote from the list in the quotes file.
  • !weather <location> - Weatherbot Shows the current weather for the given location.
  • !getinfo - Make the bot reload all it's settings. Admins via PM only.
  • !mhca <user>, !wmca <user> - Cashortbot Produces a link the Miraheze or Wikimedia Central Auth page for a given user.
  • !ping Pingbot Returns 'Pong!'. PM only.

The following functions will react to any applicable message entered into the channel.

  • Greetingsbot - The bot will greet anyone saying 'Hi' or 'Hello' in the channel.
  • Linkbot - Show the title of any URLs entered in the channel.
  • Buttbot - Replaces random words in the channel with 'butt'.