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Users may be blocked by a number of editors with advanced rights.

This is done to prevent disruption and ensure that this Wiki remains a safe place for everyone.

An admin may block where they believe blocking is the only way or best way to prevent distruption

Username blocks

We may soft block accounts with usernames considered to indicate intention to disrupt the wiki or that are deemed offensive.

A soft block will allow you to request you are unblocked once your name is considered suitable.

A hard block preventing use of the account will only be used


We may also block accounts whose names indicate that the account is owned by a well known company or something related to the project.

Your account WILL NOT be unblocked until we are satisfied that reasonable steps have been taken to verify the identity.

We may leave your account blocked even if you are renamed in this case, if we believe that unblocking will still lead to confusion.

Sock puppetry

Alternate accounts may NOT be used while any account owned by you is blocked except where either:

  • You placed the block.
  • You requested the block (e.g. for a account used to prevent impersonation).
  • It is a test and the blocking admin has indicated this.
  • The blocked account is a service account that will never edit and is blocked for that reason.

- All accounts owned by one user may be blocked if any owned account is used for disruptive purposes

Staff blocks

A staff block indicated by {{staffblock}} as the blocking reason may only be unblocked by QuIRC Staff.

Miraheze Blocks

A block with the reason {{farmblock}} has been blocked by order of Miraheze staff or it is believed that the user was in violation of Global policy. Please ask the blocking admin or Miraheze for more information. Please inform the relevant upstream teams when blocking with this reason.

Private blocks

A block with the reason {{privateblock}} has been blocked but private information is involved. Please contact the stewards for more information or the blocking admin. If blocking with this reason, please tell the stewards.

Self requested blocks

A user may be blocked at their own request for upto 1 year to allow for a break from the wiki as long as the block length is not longer than 50% of the time they have been a user unless they have had multiple recent shorter self blocks and a self block may not be placed if the user is about to be sanctioned.


A user blocked on any Wikimedia or Miraheze site that causes distruption on this Wiki for any reason may be blocked until the user solves the issues on the other site.