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To request a permission on this wiki: Copy the below code and fill it out fully {{subst:Permissions|1=your username|2=Requested Rights|3=Your comments|4=Awaiting review|5=}}

That will produce a request like below:

Request for Rollback by Example

  • Status: Awaiting review
  • Requested right: Rollback
  • User : Example
  • Comments: I have been reverting vandalism for a while
  • Closing remarks: {}

You may comment on any outstanding request in a civil manner

Open Requests

Permissions available

Admins can add

  • Confirmed
  • Patroller
  • Vandal Officer (Not as many rights as admin but able to delete/protect/block)
  • Vandal Watcher (Patroller + Rollbacker)
  • Messenger (Send Mass messages)

Crats need to add

  • Admin
  • Bot
  • Flooder

Needs staff / managers to add

  • QuIRC Staff (Only allocated to official contributors)
  • Wiki Manager (Only allocated to Stewards / Staff or Developers on a need to have basis)
  • Volunteer Developer (Must be experienced in our repo)

Post requests below here

Handled Requests

Requests may removed from this section after 24 hours

Request for Sysop by Examknow

  • Status: Not done
  • Requested right: Sysop
  • User : User:Examknow
  • Comments: RhinosF1 removed my rights due to inactivity. I am back online and plan to return to the project
  • Closing remarks: Refused Please show some activity over the next few days or request a lower right and form the request properly. RhinosF1 (Staff) - Chat!/Email us! 08:55, 23 August 2019 (BST)