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If you see a threat of harm on wiki, the best thing you can do is not panic.

  • Treat any threat involving a threat to life, limb or property as serious.
  • On spotting a threat:
  • Send details of the threat to
  • quircbot{{@}}gmail.com
  • cvt{{@}}miraheze.org
  • stewards{{@}}miraheze.org
  • staff{{@}}miraheze.org
  • To ensure the right people are alerted, please email all of the above email in one single message if possible so we can co-ordinate as soon as possible.
  • If you are confident to do so, you may contact the user at your own discretion to support them
  • If you think you are able to, you may contact local authorities or the location the edit came from if it is an IP to alert them. Please tell us if you have done this and provide a refrence number if it exists.

While we hope you never have to handle any threat, please treat them seriously and report it.

Remember: Only action can save lives!

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