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This template is used to notify users about pages that have been nominated for speedy deletion. Specifically, it is used for pages that have been nominated under section G10 of the criteria for speedy deletion, "pages that disparage, threaten, intimidate or harass their subject or some other entity, and serve no other purpose". This template is usually used in conjunction with {{db-attack}}; for other speedy deletion notification templates see the table to the right.

This template is used to warn users who have created attack pages.




  • header:- by default, the template adds a level two section header of the current month and year. To suppress the header, use |header=no.
  • header-text:- a custom value for the header text.
  • demo:- if you are demonstrating the template's functionality, transclude the template rather than substitute it, and use |demo=yes. This will prevent the template from being automatically substituted by a bot.


No header


Using a custom header

{{subst:db-attack-notice|PageName|header-text=Custom header text}}

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