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This template is a self-reference.


Add {{In-universe}} to an article to tag it as needing this maintenance. {{In-universe/doc|date=October 2019}}

Parameters and categories

The template supports the following optional parameters:

if present, the parameter |section will change the opening wording from "This article describes a work ..." to "This section describes a work ..."
the subject as in "This ____-related article". The subject can be formatted as a wikilink to an article or WikiProject.
if present, described_object replaces "a work or element of fiction".
the cleanup category in which you wish to place the article, in the form [[Category:{{category}} articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction]]. For example, specifying "category=anime and manga" will place the article in Category:Anime and manga articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction.

Standard usage of parameters to sort into existing categories:

  • {{In-universe| subject = anime and manga| category = anime and manga| date = October 2019}}
  • {{In-universe| subject = animation| category = animation| date = October 2019}}
  • {{In-universe| subject = comics| category = comics| date = October 2019}}
  • {{In-universe| subject = Discworld| category = Discworld| date = October 2019}}
  • {{In-universe| subject = Dungeons & Dragons| category = Dungeons & Dragons| date = October 2019}}
  • {{In-universe| subject = film| category = film| date = October 2019}}
  • {{In-universe| subject = book| category = literature| date = October 2019}}
  • {{In-universe| subject = Star Trek| category = Star Trek| date = October 2019}}
  • {{In-universe| subject = Star Wars| category =Star Wars| date = October 2019}}
  • {{In-universe| subject = Sopranos| category = Sopranos| date = October 2019}}
  • {{In-universe| subject = television| category = television| date = October 2019}}
  • {{In-universe| subject = Three Kingdoms| category = Three Kingdoms| date = October 2019}}
  • {{In-universe| subject = Middle-earth| category = Tolkien| date = October 2019}}
  • {{In-universe| subject = Transformers| category = Transformers| date = October 2019}}
  • {{In-universe| subject = video game| category = video game| date = October 2019}}
  • {{In-universe| subject = Warhammer| category = Warhammer 40,000| date = October 2019}}

An example of a category that needs improvement:


This template will categorise tagged articles into Category:Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction, or a dated subcategory thereof.

Tracking categories

See also

Other plot- and fiction-related templates
Other trivia-related templates
General trivia 
  • {{Trivia}} – Suggests relocation of the relevant details in a trivia section, to another section (or article).
    • {{Trivia section}} – Same as above, but goes at the top of the trivia section, rather than the top of the article.
Relevance and importance 
  • {{Off topic}} – For a section that has wandered from the topic of the article
  • {{Content}} – For an article or section containing information whose relevance is disputed.
  • {{Importance section}} – For a section with information that is simply off-topic for the article, and needs removal or relocation to another article.
  • {{Importance inline}} – For a particular item that is off-topic needs removal or relocation to another article.
  • {{Refimprove example}} – For an article or section with poorly cited examples.
  • {{Better source example}} – For a particular instance of a poorly cited example.
  • {{Relevance inline}} – For a particular item that doesn't seem to belong in the context at all.
  • {{Non sequitur}} – For a namedropping of someone or something the relevance of which may not be clear to the reader.
Excessive detail 
  • {{Overly detailed}} – For excessive focus on minute details not of interest to our general readership.
  • {{Summarize section}} – For sections that are too detailed and need to be summarized.
  • {{Example farm}} – For excessive use of examples.
  • {{Too many see alsos}} – For an indiscriminate "See also" section, most of which should be pruned or integrated into the prose.
Topical trivia 
  • {{In popular culture}} – For excessive "popular culture" and "media references" sorts of material.
  • {{Fiction trivia}} (or {{In-universe}}) – For too many trivial fictional references (or too much "in-universe" detail).
  • {{Plot}}, {{All plot}} – For excessively detailed plot summaries.
  • {{Cleanup book}}, {{Cleanup film}} – For excessive detail about particular types of works (other than plot and fictional or in-universe issues).
  • {{Game trivia}} – For too much gaming-related trivia.
  • {{MOSLOW}} – For an excessive list of an artist, performer, or studio's works.
  • {{Cleanup university}}, {{Cleanup school}} – For excessive detail about an educational institution.
  • {{Famous}} – For an indiscriminate list of "famous" people associated in some way with a topic.
  • {{Local}} – For local-interest trivia that is unverifiable or otherwise unencyclopedic.
List cleanup 
  • {{Prose}} – Suggests converting into prose a section that consists of a list.
  • {{Cleanup list}} – For indiscriminate lists that need reduction.
  • {{List to table}} – For use where a table would be better than a list.