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This template is for use on articles, particularly biographies that seem to promote the subject.

When to use

An article that merely summarizes the subject's career is okay, so long as it's written in a neutral tone and the subject meets the requirements for notability. This tag is meant for biographical articles that promote the subject. In that way, it is much like {{advert}}.


The simplest way to add this template to an article is to copy and paste either:

{{Like resume|date=October 2019}}


{{Like resume|{{subst:DATE}}}}

at the top of the article. Please do not subst: this template.


This template will add an article to Category:Articles with a promotional tone.


  1. {{Like-resume}}
  2. {{Likeresume}}
  3. {{Cleanup-resume}}
  4. {{LikeResume}}

See also

  • {{resume}}, for user talk pages