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The {{Shared IP}} template is an IP user talk page template that shows helpful information to IP users and those wishing to warn or ban them. It takes two arguments, one required and two optional: the name of the organization to which the IP address is registered (preferably wikilinked or at least hyperlinked) (required), the hostname (optional), and the location of the computer using the IP address (optional). It adds pages to Category:Shared IP addresses used by Wikipedia users. It should not be substituted, but transcluded.


{{Shared IP|organization}}
{{Shared IP|organization|host=hostname}}
{{Shared IP|organization|location=location}}
{{Shared IP|organization|host=hostname|location=location}}


This template should be used on IPs which appear to be or are likely to be shared by multiple users - typically IPs assigned to large institutions, or to a pool of dynamic IP addresses. Where there is no indication of this, the template should not be used. For static IPs, use {{Static IP}} instead. If an IPv6 address starts with "2002" or "2001" and the WHOIS info lists the organization as IANA, use this tool ("6to4 and 6RD Network Prefix" for "2002" and "Teredo IP Decoding" for "2001") and then use WHOIS to find out the owner of the IPv4 address you received.


  • {{Shared IP|[[Internet Assigned Numbers Authority|IANA]]}}
  • {{Shared IP|[[Internet Assigned Numbers Authority|IANA]]|host=proxy.example.com}}
  • {{Shared IP|[[Internet Assigned Numbers Authority|IANA]]|location=Example, USA}}
  • {{Shared IP|[[Internet Assigned Numbers Authority|IANA]]|host=proxy.example.com|location=Example, USA}}

See also

Category Template Notes
Educational institutions {{Shared IP edu| <name>| <host>}} Including schools, colleges and universities.
Public institutions {{Shared IP address (public)| <name>| <host>}} Such as libraries.
Governmental source {{Shared IP gov| <name>| <host>}} Government sources, including departments and agencies at all levels.
Military source {{Shared IP mil| <name>| <host>}} Military sources, including departments and agencies at all levels.
Redirects to {{Shared IP gov}}
Non-ISP businesses {{Shared IP corp| <name>| <host>}}
Non-shared static IPs {{Whois| <registration info>}} Such as Road Runner Residential.
Shared static IPs {{Static IP| <name>| <host>}}
ISP known to generate Dynamic IPs {{Dynamic IP|organization| <name>| <host>}} Such as AOL.
Mobile carrier {{Mobile IP| <name>| <host>}} Such as Telstra Mobile.
Internet service providers {{ISP| <name>| <host>}} Such as Cox Communications. The ISP's name will usually be obvious as to whether or not they are ISPs, or you may wish to search to see if there is a relevant Wikipedia article, and then read the information there to see how it is defined.
Colocation providers {{SharedIPcolocation| <name>| <host>}}
Other type of non-ISP organization which may plausibly have shared IPs {{Shared IP| <name>| <host>| <location>}}
Miscellaneous and other uses {{whois| <registration info>}}

Special cases
IP addresses operated by SingNet {{SingNet}}
IP addresses operated by HughesNet {{HughesNet}}
IP addresses operated by IBM {{IBM IP}}
Wikimedia Foundation IP addresses {{WMF IP}}
Private IP addresses {{Private IP}}