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This tag should be used on articles that discuss one aspect of the article in too much detail. This is especially true if the article focuses on an unimportant aspect of the topic while ignoring items of importance.

Wikipedia's neutral point of view policy requires that we don't give undue weight to any particular subtopic in an article. For example, the article on Earth does not mention the fringe flat Earth theory. If an article is tagged with this, improve the article by adding content important to the topic and trimming or deleting non-important content.


{{Undue weight|date=October 2019}}
{{Undue weight|date=October 2019|to=replace with custom text}}


  • |date=October 2019 – to note when the template was added, so the page is put in the correct dated cleanup category
  • |1= (or unnamed first parameter) – to replace the word "article" with something else, usually "section", though it could also be more specific, e.g. "list", "table", "infobox", etc.
  • |to= - The value of this parameter will replace the generic wording "certain ideas, incidents, or controversies" with something more specific, e.g. |to=a single primary source or |to=the hypothesis of a particular author or |to=the private life of the subject or |to=list entries from North America.

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