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This template allows you to generate a single link using a link code from Template:User-multi. It is intended for use in link templates using unusual formatting that can't easily be converted to use {{user-multi}}. The link is output without any enclosing tags, so links using external link formatting will appear with the external link icon. You can avoid this by enclosing the link with <span class="plainlinks"></span> in your template.


Basic usage
{{User-multi/single|<!-- link code -->|user={{{1|}}}}}
All parameters
 | user    = {{{1|{{{User|{{{user|}}}}}}}}}
 | project = {{{2|{{{Project|{{{project|}}}}}}}}}
 | lang    = {{{3|{{{Lang|{{{lang|}}}}}}}}}
 | 1       = <!-- link code -->
 | demo    = {{{demo|}}}

Link codes

The following link codes are available:


  • User or user: the username. An error is returned if this is omitted.
  • Project or project: the interwiki prefix for the project you wish to link to. Please see Help:Interwiki linking for a list of valid codes. For backwards compatibility, a language code can also be entered in this field.
  • Lang or lang: the language code for the project you wish to link to. See List of Wikipedias for a complete list of language codes used by Wikimedia sites.
  • demo: if this parameter is set to yes, the template will not output any categories.


  • {{user-multi/link|t|user=Example}}talk
  • {{user-multi/link|ct|user=Example}}count
  • {{user-multi/link|dc|user=Example}}deleted contribs
  • {{user-multi/link|c|user=Example|project=b}}contribs
  • {{user-multi/link|tl|user=Example|project=v|lang=fr}}target logs