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A user links template used at WP:ORCP.



For instance, {{User-orcp|Example}} creates Example (talk⧼dot-separator⧽contribs⧼dot-separator⧽logs⧼dot-separator⧽block log⧼dot-separator⧽page moves⧼dot-separator⧽count⧼dot-separator⧽edit summaries⧼dot-separator⧽non-automated edits⧼dot-separator⧽articles created⧼dot-separator⧽BLP edits⧼dot-separator⧽AfD votes⧼dot-separator⧽XfD votes⧼dot-separator⧽admin score (beta)⧼dot-separator⧽no prior RfA)

See also

Userspace link templates

User information templates provide informational links for a user; they are similar to signatures, but often provide additional information, and may be used by other users. List:

Demo user used is User:Example