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  • Example:
  • Link labels explained:
    • "talk" -- User talk page
    • "contribs" -- User contributions
    • "deleted contribs" -- accessible to admins only
    • "what links to user page" -- Wikipedia pages linking to user's userpage
    • "count" -- edit count (X!'s tool)
    • "COIBot" -- links to the COIBot user-report (if generated)
    • "user page logs" -- logs of actions taken on user's account or user page
    • "x-wiki" - search contributions on all 700+ Wikimedia Foundation projects
    • "status" -- Is the user an admin, bureaucrat, etc.
    • "Edit filter search" --
    • "Google" -- searches user name
      • This version here doesn't properly handle queries with a space in them
    • "StopForumSpam" --

Userspace link templates

User information templates provide informational links for a user; they are similar to signatures, but often provide additional information, and may be used by other users. List:

Demo user used is User:Example