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Please do not create, maintain or restore hoaxes on QuIRC. If you are interested in how accurate QuIRC is, a more constructive test method would be to try to find inaccurate statements that are already in QuIRC—and then to correct them if possible. Please do not disrupt QuIRC. Continued disruption will be met with being blocked from editing, or other sanctions. Feel free to take a look at the five pillars of QuIRC to learn more about this project and how you can contribute constructively. Thank you.

Template documentation


{{subst:Uw-hoax|Article}} references a specific article
{{subst:Uw-hoax|Article|Additional text}} adds text onto the end of the message instead of "Thank you"
{{subst:Uw-hoax||Additional text}} or {{subst:Uw-hoax|2=Additional text}} also adds text onto the end of the message instead of "Thank you", but doesn't link a page as specified by the article
  • This standardized template conforms to guidelines by the user warnings project. You may discuss the visual appearance of these standardized templates (e.g. the image in the top-left corner) at the user warning talk page.
  • Please refer to the index of message templates before using any template on user talk pages to warn a user. Applying the best template available for your purpose may help reduce confusion from the message you are sending.
  • Please remember to substitute the template using {{subst:Uw-hoax}} rather than {{Uw-hoax}}.
  • To give greater detail to your message, you may add the article and some additional text to the end of the template. If such article or additional text includes a URL or anything which includes an equal sign ("="), it may break the parser's function unless you prefix the article or the text with a named template parameter. Use "1=" if the article contains an equals sign and use "2=" if the additional text contains an equals sign (such as a URL).

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