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Add {{subst:welcome}} ~~~~ to the user's talk page.


  • |1=Sender – Username posting this message
  • |art=Radar detector – Article to which the user contributed positively: {{subst:welcome|art=Radar detector}}
  • |heading=no – Suppress the automatic heading: {{subst:welcome|heading=no}}
  • |headtext=Greetings! – Change the contents of the heading: {{subst:welcome|headtext=Greetings!}}
  • |newuser=y – for alternate text for users with 0 contributions (such as accounts just made via ACC)
  • |notalk=y to disable automatic link back to poster's talk page (not sure why anyone would want to since it is in your signature anyway and is more friendly wording, but seems to be a common theme).

Shortcut: {{subst:wel}} ~~~~

For anonymous editors

Use {{subst:welcome-anon}} for anonymous (IP) editors.

With links to help forums

Use {{subst:welcome-t}} for a link to the Teahouse. (This template does not need to be signed, as it automatically adds signature).

Use {{subst:welcome-hd}} for a link to the Help desk.

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