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Hello, Welcomeen-zh, and welcome to Wikipedia! While efforts to improve Wikipedia are always welcome, maybe, unfortunately, your contributions are not written in English that is good enough to be useful. You appear to be more familiar with Chinese; did you know there is a Chinese Wikipedia? You may prefer to contribute there instead. In any case, welcome to the project, and thank you for your efforts!


您好,Welcomeen-zh。 欢迎来访英文版的维基百科。虽然我们随时欢迎您在英文版维基百科编辑,但是您执笔所使用的英文可能并未达到英文版维基百科所需求的水准。若是您不介意的话,可以在中文维基百科进行编辑。最后,感谢您参加维基百科。 ~~~~

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Use this template to welcome an English as a second language or a poor English-speaking Chinese person to Wikipedia.


Insert {{subst:Welcomeen-zh}} on the recipient's talk page.