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Welcome to QuIRC wiki!

We hope you can help, just let us know where you want to start!

If you need extra permissions, please see QuIRC:Permissions

Thanks, RhinosF1 (talk) 00:51, 25 May 2019 (BST)



A number of policies now exist which you should read soon.

I would also like to note that most of us have now lost or about to lose userrights so I ask you apply for Rights soon via QuIRC: Permissions.

There are a number of things to be done including:

  • Fixing Twinkle.
  • Removing links to missing templates
  • Setting up a Admins noticeboard
  • Creating blocked messages
  • Create a lists of all user and developer guides and add links to them to the sidebar.
  • Help build missing polices

You are welcome to assist and may ask by replying or through Help:Desk if you have any questions.

Thanks, MediaWiki message delivery (talk) for RhinosF1 (Staff) at 10:59, 26 May 2019 (BST)